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Our Story


Carfont Confecciones is a family company founded in 1997.


We are an spanish work wear studio and manufacture high quality clothing. Over time we have offered our customers numerous collections, we've got your confidence and establish ourselves in a niche market. Always we coddling especially our product.


Finally, Carfont Confecciones also offers more custom sets for your specific events for every season. We provide to you all sizes of garments and clothing to our customers all of that without clothes problem for you. Trust in Carfont Confecciones always .




Our experience


Since our inception, the priority has been the best raw materials for adjusting to yours the garment and feels good measures shapes also demanding in its preparation and only the highest quality spanish raw materials.

In Carfont Confecciones remark you are high quality products. Also the comfort of the garments have functionality and elegance for your domestic employees should have in every moment of day due our experience. Sets of uniforms day for your daily tasks, plus table service uniforms for your special occasions.




Our Commitment


Carfont Confecciones is referenced to customer engagement.

For you to have the utmost confidence in our products, we offer personal advice and we monitor our clothes from the trust of our tissues, in any case, if you have any question you can contact us and we will give you a solution.


uniformes de servicio, chaquetas, pantalones, delantales.


Carfont Confecciones was created from the concept of offering the best service to domestic employees with our collections will make their well-made garments, designed and created to carry out their work in a comfortable and stylish at each moment of the day.
Image: Tailor made suit, uniformes de servicio, chaquetas, pantalones, delantales.
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